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Chorale (2019)

for solo marimba

The main theme of this piece was composed several years ago while, one day, I was improvising at the marimba. After playing Dame Evelyn Glennie's chorale entitled A Little Prayer at my church one Sunday, I was mesmerized by how lush and warm the marimba sounded inside of the church. After that, I started improvising with rolls, drawing inspiration from the choral music I had sung in various choirs I had participated in, and soon later finished composing the first section of this piece. It was not until several years later, while studying at the Brevard Summer Institute, that I decided to complete the piece as a full chorale.

In the Blink of an Eye (2019)

for orchestra

I used to daydream a lot, and what I loved about it was that I could be anything or be at any place that I wanted to during these dreams.  The thing about daydreaming is something happening in the real world can take me away from a dream, and often in an instant.

Not Knowing (2018)

for orchestra

For an English assignment once we were asked to write a chiasmus, and the first phrase that I came up with was “I don’t know what I hate most, but most often I hate what I do not know.”  This phrase has stuck with me ever since because I know it's very true for me.  I am always eager to know what is going on, whether it's a petty thing like “What does he or she think of me?” or a rather serious thing.  This piece explores those feelings I have of “not knowing” something, large or small.

Please contact me for commissions or for purchasing scores and parts.

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